What can you expect from a Girls Changing the World Workshop?


Both you and your daughter learn where feelings come from and how our minds react in different situations. Having a shared understanding means you can build on the conversations for years to come!

Learn some easy mindfulness concepts that you can take with you for those times when your household could use some calming down.

Learn basic communication skills that will help you move towards connection with your daughter.


As a mother-daughter team, you’ll learn ways you can help each other take control of those big emotions, whether expressed or repressed, and live happier and more confident lives.

Practicing conversations during the workshop opens up the gate for future conversations. These conversations are needed to help girls find happiness and positive outlooks during critical development years.


When hosted in the Unique setting of Ignite Associates, weather permitting, you’ll get to spend time exploring nature together in an activity that provides conversation starters aimed at growing that mother-daughter bond.

When hosted in other cities, Girls Changing the World includes a session with a teacher from the wellness world to introduce new skills.

When hosted online, you’ll get an opportunity to connect in a comfortable environment with your daughter, while connecting with other mothers and daughters from around the country.


Daughters of the world need to know they are loved and to feel heard.  It’s hard to do this in such a fast-paced world. A day dedicated to spending time and sharing with your daughter is a great way to grow that connection.

You can’t un-know what you will learn at the Girls Changing the World Workshop – you’ll giggle as you learn and make fun of your monkey brains. You’ll get introduced to a world where your daughter can control her feelings and rise above.

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May 8th, 2022

1:00PM – 5:00PM

Winnipeg, MB

What people are saying…

This workshop was a real breakthrough for us! I knew she really needed some coping techniques and I am very impressed with the workshop! Thank you!

mother of 16 year old

My daughter and I got a lot from the workshop. The stories were very genuine and touching. The content was presented in a manner to make it relatable, and easy for young girls to understand. I think this was a great bonding experience for us, something that will help us grow stronger, and keep the lines of communication open.

Mother of 12 Year old

I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to spend an entire day focusing on building a stronger relationship with my daughter. We started some really meaningful conversations and I am encouraged that we will build on the skills we learned today.

Mother of 10 Year Old

Such an amazing and powerful workshop as well as a great bonding time for mom and daughter.

Mother of 8 Year Old

Sample Agenda

note that this is a sample agenda only, the activities are custom to the date and time of the workshop.

  • Introduction and Intention Setting – to kick the day off we take a few minutes to learn about what it means to be here, to be present. For some, this may be the first experience with grounding, an exercise that allows you to pull yourself in to the present moment and acknowledge and release elements of worry, stress, fear and anxiety. Young women will get familiar with a life long strategy by learning how to slow down escalating anxiety and bring yourself to a more peaceful state.  Watch your daughters find their ground.

  • “The Labels We Wear”: we explore the relationship we have with the labels we wear and who we really are. Teaching young girls that they are not the labels they wear helps us feel more comfortable and at peace as the labels change throughout our lives. Watch your daughters learn more about their true self and how to pick the ones that describe them and the ones that define them. It’s a beautiful thing.

  • Big Emotions- I Own You: we explore the source of emotions and learn how emotions impact our lives for the good and the bad. Whether your daughter represses the emotions so as not to appear weak or expresses her emotions with great passion, knowing where her feelings come from and how to be at peace allows her to make choices about how she wants to feel and frees up energy for living a more full life.

  • Lunchtime and Activity: Bring your own lunch and spend time talking about the morning material and then we’ll get into an activity. Every Girls Change the World includes an activity that will give you and your daughter an opportunity to slow down and connect with each other.  Activities range from outdoor Orienteering to Yoga to collaborative writing all the way to meditation and mindfulness practices.  The Activity is listed with the session description.**Some schedules don’t run over lunchtime.

  • Secret Language: This is where it gets good. You and your daughter will build a plan together, like an agreement, on how you can bring home what you’ve learned so you can gently remind her when big emotions are getting in the way of a Happy and Confident girl. This is the secret sauce to success.

Register for the Next Mother-Daughter Event

Register for the Next Mother-Daughter Event

May 8, 2022 1:00PM – 5:00 PM

Winnipeg, MB (exact location TBD)

The goal of the Girls Changing the World Workshop is to teach mothers and daughters how our thoughts shape our life experiences, and to teach how to take control of the thoughts so you can write the stories you were born to write. We aspire to shape strong females, and connected families, in a bond of common language.  Together, we will make the world a more beautiful and compassionate place.

The Girls Changing the World Workshop has a complete money-back guarantee. If you don’t feel you received the value, we’ll refund your registration fee.

**Mother-Daughter is a term used to refer to any relationship that is like that mother-daughter relationship and does not necessarily indicate a biological connection.

About the Facilitator: Tracy Lee Thibodeau, PMP, CCP

Brought to you by Emotional Literacy Coach, Tracy Thibodeau, Girls Changing the World is about building a community of moms who have the knowledge and the support to grow confident girls.

Tracy Thibodeau is the mother of three daughters, who are also her biggest teachers, Rylee, Fia and Araya. Together the four of them continuously practice the art of expression and use the power of communication to navigate four different personalities.

Tracy is also a certified Professional Coach, co-founder of the I Am Festival, co-operator of Ignite Retreats and a program facilitator for the Canadian Mental Health Association. Her full-time profession is leading the training and development efforts at the Chrysalis network of companies.

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