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*Girls Changing the World*

“Girls Changing the world is a movement dedicated to fueling the confidence of girls by teaching them how to own their feelings and let their power shine.”

Girls Changing the World currently has two main initiatives to support girls:

On the ground Mother-Daughter Events:

An online supportive community for girls:

Girls Changing the World Online Community


Meet Girls Like You

Girls that are part of the Girls Changing the World Community are connected to other like-minded girls from around North America through a private online community.

  • You can share stories and help each other through some harder days.
  • You get the opportunity to connect and share with new people.
  • Hear stories from other girls and know that you are not alone.

Learn by Doing and attending Online Webinars

Humans aren’t programmed to slow down and to find the opportunities to feel light and strong in any given moment. By being a part of Girls Changing the World, you

  • Learn how to be more aware of opportunities to slow down
  • Learn how to stay true to your own self when the people around you are trying to bring you down.
  • Learn more about why girls feel the need to put other people down – a knowledge that you can use for the rest of your life!
  • Parents are provided with weekly conversation starters about the topics discussed to keep the conversation going. 

Join a Group of Supportive Girls

If you’ve:

  • Ever felt like your friends didn’t quite understand you,
  • Ever felt that you didn’t understand enough about yourself or
  • Thought that there had to be more people in the world that were nice

then you are going to love Girls Changing the World.

Through specific conversations delivered in the online conversations by highly trained coaches, the Girls Changing the World are learning:

  • why people do what they do,
  • how to keep other people’s problems off your mind when it’s not healthy and
  • how to support each other through the harder days that happen as you maneuver middle school and high school.

Browse content that introduces concepts like Confidence all the way through Forgiveness, and learn more about how powerful you are and how you can stand confident when you are being your true self, plus did we mention you get to meet some awesome girls from outside your community?

Meet Girls Like You

Learn tricks to navigate heavy feelings

Chat with girls from around the country

The World is Full of Amazing Young Girls

Let’s Get them Connected

You know that feeling when you find yourself among a group of friends that you feel comfortable totally opening up to?  Like talking about how it’s hard to be in the middle of friends, or how it’s hard to not get overwhelmed by all the stuff going on.  Have you felt the relief that comes when you are open to share?  It can be a weight lifted off your shoulders.

The energy that fills the space when girls engage in the online community of Girls Changing the World is inspiring and light. You can feel the heaviness start to evaporate as feelings are shared and girls realize that they are not alone. 

Imagine what will happen with tens of thousands of girls are connecting and sharing their power!


Group of young and happy friends giving the thumbs up

Positive Mentors

Every person on this planet can use the help of a positive mentor in their life, but for girls faced with the complexity of relationships, human insecurities and a fast-paced world, the benefit of a mentor can provide a new way of thinking or connect them to a new idea that helps them alleviate the stress that comes from the way they see their world.  



Girls Changing the World was created to provide content and opportunities devoted to helping girls understand more about who they are, where insecurities come from and how to overcome some of the toughest self-talk. 

For Girls:

When we opened up free online calls, we didn’t realize what we had started.  If you are interested in hanging out with a group of really neat girls from all over from the comfort of your room, your kitchen table or even from the library, join the online mentoring calls. Journey and Tracy open up a space for girls to get together and keep a conversation flowing as girls share their real stories with each other and offer advice from their own experiences. If you want to join the group, registration is easy and it’s totally free!

Step 1: Sign up for a Free Zoom Account at http://zoom.us

Step 2: Sign up for the online community using the same email you used to register for ZOOM.

Step 3: Watch for the invite on your ZOOM App inviting you to the Girls Changing the World Community.


Click here to register

In the GCTW Online community, you’ll be connected to like minded girls through a safe online platform. You’ll have a chance to hear stories from other like-minded girls from all over North America and hear different perspectives on similar themes to help you feel more comfortable with who you are. You’ll realize that you are not alone through the stories of girls just like you.

Do you know that you are capable of amazing things? Do you sometimes feel like you hide things about you that you’re not sure if others will accept? Do you forget that there are other girls facing the same issues?

What we want you to know is you’re not alone. Join the community and get access to chatting and sharing with girls just like you!

For Parents/Teachers/Mentors:

Girls Changing the World has great messages for girls!

You can use the short video messages as conversation starters to connect, learn and grow deeper together. 


Why would your daughter want to join?

What we’ve found when the girls are in the program is how energetic and relieved they feel after sharing with each other. It’s so much fun for girls to get together and talk about things going on in their lives with other people that they feel comfortable with to share.

The short videos are brief snaps of an idea that they can take with them for the week, without putting a lot of work on their plate. Just a hey, what about this idea? Here’s something to think about this week that might make your days feel lighter.  And slowly, the girls start to see the world around them differently.  That girl across the hall giving mean looks is no longer seen as a personal threat, but instead of a girl feeling threatened.  That math assignment that feels insurmountable takes on an outlook of “I got this.” The program is designed to give girls the knowledge they need to understand why they feel the way they do and the practice to choose a different perspective. 

What Girls and Parents are Saying about their Experience:

  • We highly recommend this program for any parents and children looking to expand their communities and grow themselves in a safe and nurturing environment.

    Ashley, Rob and Nicole Stewart

  • This course helped change my way of life in an absolutely great way and now I make more friends because I’m more outgoing and talk to people!

    Jennifer and Casadie Kimball

  • Alessandra’s experience with this group was very enjoyable and fun. Through this experience, she has learned much more about herself, and her feelings, while identifying clear visions of her dreams and the future which lies ahead of her. And all of this while meeting and making great new friends too!

    Sandra and Alessandra de la Torre

  • Thank you for being a light and leader to my Olivia in your coaching of young teenage girls. To have your life experiences to mentor and teach the value of being true to self and following one’s bliss is a true gift. The safe community you provide for young girls to share their hearts and inner feelings is life shifting. This tribe of visionaries will be our next world leaders. Empowerment to do it different is the key to a life well served. Thank you for simply being you!!

    Olivia and Carol Waldenberg

  • All of the girls were very accepting and authentic, and we connected on so many things! I learned very practical lessons and I use what I learned from the call almost every day. I looked forward to the calls every week!

    Daniela and Dasnia Riddle

Sign up for the Free Online Girls Girls Changing the World Community:




Free online girls only group calls

Hear from other girls as they share their experiences

Join the group and share your stories to help other girls


Learn More


More About GCTW:

Girls Changing the World Online Empowerment Video Series

It’s easy for girls to feel disconnected from or to hide their authentic selves as they navigate the years of relationships and discovering who they truly are. With the pressures of fitting in, finding their tribe and that sense of belonging, girls can sometimes feel like they can’t be who they truly are within their current circles.
The GCTW Online Empowerment Series was created to walk girls through 6 modules as they learn to recognize what gets in the way of the authentic self and teaches practical exercises that can be applied in everyday life – starting right away!  As the girls are exposed to the new perspective, they are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas through an online private community where only the Girls Changing the World have access.
When it’s all over, the girls have practical ideas that they can’t ever unknow and a community of like-minded girls where they feel they belong.
As mentors, parents and teachers, it’s not easy to start these types of conversations. We know! But it helps when you have someone feeding you conversation starters to get things rolling and that’s exactly what you get as your girl progresses through the course. Each week you will receive an update with conversation starters and supporting information to allow you to support your girl as she changes the world.
Prepare to feel the power!

Featured Girl Changing the World

Daniela Riddle

daniellagctsDaniela (Dani) Riddle, 15 years old, is a singer, songwriter, model, and author. Eldest of 5 kids, dually enrolled as a Sophomore college student and homeschooled high school student. She gives back to her community by assistant coaching a flag football team, playing classical piano at senior living centers, active treasurer of her county 4H Chapter, feeding the homeless, and enjoys contributing through other volunteer opportunities. Sharing the music she composes and speaking to groups of youth authentically, a relatable message that inspires to reach within, and share with others their gifts is what excites her.



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