For Parents

Imagine having a place where your daughter feels encouraged by girls her age to step into her greatness with confidence.

A space where she knows she is accepted 100% for who she is and who she wants to become.

Imagine a community of girls who celebrate each other and lift each other up.

They learn skills to become better communicators, inspiring leaders, and to give their intuition a louder voice.

While it’s powerful to have parents and mentors who can be role models for girls as they grow up, [science shows that it’s their peer groups who have the most influence/ it’s even more meaningful to have positive inspiration come from their peers]. 

So that is what we’re creating here with Girls Changing the World.


[[Benefits / why would a parent invest

how to be confident as an individual

how to deal with extreme pressures of fitting in]]


A place where “fitting in” means:

  • -being authentically you
  • -celebrating others for their greatness
  • -being kind
  • -shining your light so bright and encouraging others to shine theirs
  • -learning, growing and [laughing/ having fun]


We are creating a [community/movement] of girls who are changing the world, and we look forward to having your daughter, or someone you know, join us in this [movement/community].