Girls Changing the World Team Program


45 – 60 min presentation

Girls Performance Program designed to provide insight into how mindset affects performance.

For teams of 8 – 20, girls ages 11 – 17.

Insights learned in this team program are transferable to all areas of life – at school and in the home.


Program fee includes travel within 1 hour of Winnipeg.

There is an additional travel cost for programs provided outside a 60 km range outside of Winnipeg.

Ask about a team weekend program and bring your team to Winnipeg for a full weekend session presented at the Victoria Inn.



45-60 minute session includes:

  • How getting in the Zone helps team success
  • How to get in the Zone
  • How to stay in the Zone
  • How to knock your competition out of the Zone
  • Build a team exercise to bring a team energy in synch before a game

Teammates walk away with an awareness of what it means to be in the Zone and how each member contributes to an energy of success.