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Included in the free membership for the girls:

  • Girls Inspired: Inspirational Online Video Series
  • Ongoing access to the private Girls Changing the World Online Community
  • Monthly Group Coaching calls
  • Access to all new programs as they are released


About Girls Inspired: The Online Video Series

Girls Changing the World have access to a series of six videos full of insight into real issues that girls face today. The videos are designed to provide new perspectives that allow girls to better understand themselves and the world around them. Each video contains corresponding exercises to help the girls put the course content into practice. As new perspectives are brought to light, girls find themselves feeling more awareness in their day-to-day with a better understanding of who they are and how they belong in the world around them.  

Topics covered in the Online Course:

  • Interrupt Your Own Mind – catch your negative talk
  • Confidence – where it comes from and how to find it
  • The Influence of the People Around Us – how the people around us affect our happiness
  • Choosing Happiness – how happiness is in our control
  • Mood-boosting with Compliments – how feeling good starts with looking for good
  • Frustration Filters – how to manage negative feelings in a healthy way
    Add to your address book so you don’t miss any communications. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask by emailing us at   You’ll also get a Bonus Family Module which includes exercises to incorporate the course content into your family.  

Group Coaching Calls

Each month, Girls Changing the World  hosts a group coaching call to give the Girls Changing the World community the space to connect and learn from each other. The conversations will kick off with a check-in and girls will be encouraged to share and lift each other up.
Coaching calls use the ZOOM platform – a free-for-participants online video conferencing service. The ZOOM app can be installed on any IOS or Android device for easy access, or a simple plug in from the web browser.

Online Community

The online community is a place where girls can leave their comments, thoughts and ideas on topics and issues that they are faced with today. The community is moderated to ensure that it creates a safe and lifting place for girls to feel supported.

Access to all new GCTW Online Programs

We dream of a community dedicated to fueling the confidence of girls by teaching them how to own their feelings and let their power shine. As we pursue this dream, we’ll continue to create online programs for girls and those online programs will all be included in your All Access Pass. Yep, we can’t wait to launch our leadership program by the end of 2017. You’ll get that too!


Q: What email address should I register with?

A: Each participant in the community must have their own email address.  When you sign up, you first create your own free ZOOM account and use that same email address to register with Girls Changing the World.

Q: What if I can’t make the calls?

A: We want you there because the calls are super fun, but sometimes things get busy, we get that. But don’t worry – come when you can! Remember you can access the calls from anywhere with a device connected to the internet, so hopefully you can join as often as possible!

Q: Who are you?

A: Journey and Tracy understand that you want to make sure your daughter is surrounded and mentored by positive role models, so we encourage you to read more about who we are and why we are doing this here. Feel free to read the testimonials from workshops or from some of our other programs, scope us out on our Girls Changing the World Facebook page or even find us personally on Facebook. Follow Journey and Follow Tracy. And of course, if you have any questions – don’t hesitate to ask! It is our passion to help girls grow confident and to build a community of girls that support each other and lift each other up.

Q: What will be talked about in the coaching calls?

A: We’ve divided the groups by age to make sure conversations are more age specific. One group is for ages 9 – 11 and another for 12 – 14. As girls grow up in the Girls Changing the World community, they’ll graduate to the older call. The conversations are moderated by a GCTW facilitator, Journey or Tracy, to ensure that they fulfill the goals of the coaching calls and each call will have a specific topic, although the format is open to allow for the calls to support the girls in the best way possible.

Q: Why do I want to be a part of Girls Changing the World?

A: If you have ever felt like you didn’t belong, or felt out-of-control, overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, consider this – Girls Changing the World is a community designed to provide you with the space, the people and with new information to help you navigate the issues that come up as you move from child to young adult. Connect with other girls your age through video chat and listen and share your stories together. Journey and Tracy are there to be your guides with insights from their own experience while you lift some of the weight from your own shoulders, peel back those fears and let your true self out.

Q: Who is all going to be there?

A: We’ve invited girls from all over North America, ages 9 – 14, to join the community. Coaching calls are divided into groups by age. Group 1 is formed from ages 9 – 11, and group 2 is formed from ages 12 – 14.

If you have any other questions email us at or find us on Facebook.

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