Meet some of the Girls who have been inspired by Girls Changing the World

All of the girls were very accepting and authentic, and we connected on so many things! I learned very practical lessons and I use what I learned from the call almost every day. I looked forward to the calls every week!

                                                                                      – Daniela  





This course helped change my way of life in an absolutely great way and now I make more friends because I’m more outgoing and talk to people!

                                                                       – Casadie



Meet Some of the Parents:

We highly recommend this program for any parents and children looking to expand their communities and grow themselves in a safe and nurturing environment.

                                               – Rob and Nicole Stewart





Thank you for being a light and leader to my Olivia in your coaching of young teenage girls. To have your life experiences to mentor and teach the value of being true to self and following one’s bliss is a true gift. The safe community you provide for young girls to share their hearts and inner feelings is life shifting. This tribe of visionaries will be our next world leaders. Empowerment to do it different is the key to a life well served. Thank you for simply being you!!

                                                                      – Olivia Waldenburg

Sponsor a Girl:


For every all access pass you give to someone specific, you get an extra to give away for free.

Girls Changing the World is an online community for girls, designed to empower them to own their feelings, strengthen their self-confidence and lift each other up.

We are working to grow this community fast, so for every girls sponsored, we donate a membership for free. 

Put your money into the change you want to see in the world….

For every All Access Pass you sponsor, Girls Change the World donates a scholarship to another girl. That means you get one, you give one and the movement grows exponentially!


Or think of it this way:

Buy 1 scholarship for $147, we donate a scholarship for $147


Buy 2 scholarships for $294, we donate 2 scholarships for $294 = that’s 4 girls benefiting from your dollars!


Or how about this:

Buy 10 scholarships for $1470, and we donate 10 scholarships = that’s 20 girls getting empowered and inspired as they change the world!

Want to be responsible for opening up a whole wave of Girls Changing the World?

Buy 100 scholarships for $14,700 and we’ll donate 100 scholarships – that’s 200 girls connecting, celebrating, sharing and lifting each other up! What a different conversation then society provides in the institutions and locker rooms today.  



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How to get Girls Involved?

Do you know some girls that you want to get involved? Assign the scholarships to their names.  Don’t know anyone personally but want to make the program accessible! We have a scholarship application program that will ensure that girls have access to this empowering online community because of your generosity.

Thank you for helping Girls Changing the World create an online community connecting girls from all across the globe with empowering conversations, educating them on mindfulness and helping them to inspire others. 

Girls Changing the World has an ambitious goal of reaching 2000 girls.

7 out of 10 girls feel that they are not enough.  We’re here to help them see what a gift they are. 

Thanks for helping us move toward our first milestone.

Want to Apply for a Scholarship?  

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Changing the Statistics…

Statistics tell us that 7 out of 10 girls feel that they are not enough. This means they don’t realize how amazing and powerful they are.  This means they are engaging in unhealthy behaviors, both on themselves and on each other. This means girls aren’t living in to their own beautiful strengths and power, all because they don’t have access to a community created to lift them and to insulate them from the noise created in the everyday, unconscious patterns of society.  

Girls Changing the World wants to change this.  


So with the help of 1000 scholarships donated by all of you, and a matching 1000 donated by Girls Changing the World, we will reach our first milestone of 2000 girls.

The vision?

 A ripple effect of girls reaching up and girls reaching out lifting each other and empowering each other to make positive change in the world.  We want to bring them all together – to connect them in healthy and authentic conversations. 

A ripple effect of girls reaching up and girls reaching out lifting each other and empowering each other to make positive change in the world.