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Free Parenting Assessment

Being a parent is a responsibility that never goes away. It’s easy to be hard on yourself because as a parent, we want the very best for our child. We know that they deserve the best. 

This assessment is meant to give you a snapshot of where you land today in five areas that are important for raising healthy children. You can use this tool to compare where you feel you are at today to where you would like to be.

The assessment contains 25 questions.  Don’t think too long on each question and answer as honestly as you can in the current moment.

When you are done, you’ll see how you scored yourself in each of the Five Parenting Areas. Take the test with only one child in mind.

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1.I can name the top three things that trigger a strong reaction for me. *
2.I have thought about what values are most important for my family. *
3.I demonstrate the emotional behaviors I expect of my child. *
4.I know the value I bring to my relationships. *
5.I have a regular practice of assessing the health of my relationships. *
6.I know the areas of my life that cause me tension. *
7.I know what makes my child happy. *
8.I have goals I plan to achieve in the next year. *
9.I make sure that there is quality time for me and my child. *
10.I make sure that I have positive relationships in my life. *
11.I am aware of how my tendencies affect others. *
12.I make it a point to learn something new every month. *
13.My child has other role models or adults to rely on. *
14.I notice when my child needs something from me. *
15.My child knows what consequences to expect from their behaviors. *
16.When something feels “off” in my world, I take action to resolve it. *
17.I can name three situations that trigger undesirable behaviors in my child. *
18.I know my weaknesses and the areas of life that I struggle with *
19.I actively live out my values. *
20.I understand how my child prefers to focus on the world (introversion/extroversion). *
21.My child feels like our home is a safe place to be. *
22.When I’ve made a mistake, I openly repair it with my child. *
23.When my child asks a question, it’s important that I am as honest as I can be. *
24.I make sure that there is positive physical connection in my home. *
25.I can predict how my child will respond to most situations. *