Girls Inspired: Online Coaching Calls

Girls Inspired: Online Girls Coaching Program

for girls ages 9 – 14.

Girls are grouped in calls by age:

Group 1: 9 -11 and Group 2: 12-14 

There’s a lot going on for a girl as she grows up and we don’t want her to go through it alone!

This FREE 3 week online coaching program of Live Webinars brings girls together to talk about specific and real issues they are facing in their every day lives. They’ll be able to connect with other girls their own age and hear how their peers are overcoming obstacles, so they can learn from each other and realize they’re not alone.

Each interactive webinar will be led by two highly skilled coaches, Tracy and Journey, to encourage the girls to get the most out of each session and walk away with solutions that they can start using right away in their own lives.  Tracy and Journey offer new perspectives on the world of girls and how to move toward your confidence and away from your fears.

Here’s what the Girls will be talking about with Tracy and Journey:

Week 1 : Recognizing stress and anxiety 

  • In yourself and how it affects others
  • In others and how it can affect you
  • Ways to deal with it so it doesn’t boil up inside and explode

Week 2 : Balancing busyness

  • What happens to the mind with productivity vs chaos
  • Unpacking times when things are working – ways to recreate moments when you feel the lightest, happiest, most excited
  • Coping skills for when things are not working – avoiding breakdowns

Week 3 : Self Image

  • The impact of the media on how we see ourselves
  • Learning how skewed self-image is in the mind and how to reset the vision of ourselves
  • Discovering unshakeable self-love

The next program kicks off on Monday, February 27th. Calls are held on Mondays and last up to 1 hour.

Video call times are grouped by age.

Girls ages 9 – 11 are at 5:00PM – 6:00PM EST and

Girls ages 12 – 14 are at 6:15PM – 7:15PM EST

If you can’t make the scheduled time; or your daughter isn’t within the age group Email us and let’s talk about ways to get involved.  We are committed to growing this community! Additional call times may be added as needed.


**Technical requirements – Calls are facilitated using the free-for-participants videoconferencing service called ZOOM. You can check is out at zoom.us or download the ZOOM app from your app store.  An internet connection is required. 


Please provide the parent’s email address with the registration as well as the best method to contact the daughter.  Parents are invited to hang out for the first few minutes of the first call to meet with Journey and Tracy.  


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Have more questions? Email girls@girlschangingtheworld.com or find us on Facebook and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.


 Ages 9 – 11 Click here to Register

Ages 12 – 14 Click here to Register