Mother – Daughter Communication Workshop

Coming to Winnipeg – Jan 28th Only
For Daughters Ages 15+

Spend an afternoon practicing and strengthening communication skills to help you navigate big emotions for years to come.

Emotional Wellness and Relationship Coach, Tracy Thibodeau, brings her decades of experience to share with mothers and daughters as they focus on deepening that special connection.


Winnipeg – Jan 28th – 1p – 4p
For Daughters Ages 15- Adult


Learn and practice communication strategies with your daughter

Build a skillset together of how to talk about big emotions and come back to connection more quickly.

Spend intentional time with your daughter helping her feel seen, heard and understood

Walk away with your own secret language to can use to diffuse escalated situations

Special guest hosts a mother-daughter connecting activity to strengthen that bond

1 registration includes both mother and Daughter.  FAQs below.

Common questions

My daughter is 13, can she still join?

You know your daughter better than anyone! The content is geared towards that 15+ range. Consider that while not all daughters want to engage in connecting conversations with their mom, those little moments that do happen can mean a lot. 

Does the registration fee include both my daughter and I (mom)?

You bet! One registration is for both a mother and daughter! 

I have 2 daughters, can both attend?

We recommend a 1 on 1 experience to maximize the connection, but again, it’s up to you, you know your girls best!. There is an extra registration cost you can find here.

I can’t make it to the in-person location, will there be other in-person events?

The travel schedule is still being finalized. Let us know where you want to see the next in-person by sending a quick request to Tracy@GirlsChangingtheWorld.com. 

What payment methods do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Paypal or etransfer. Please contact us for e-transfer details. 

Are there any discounts or special pricing?

If you’ve attended an event in the past, it’s 50% off. If you have financial constraints, you can apply for a scholarship from one of our generous supporters!

5 Habits for an Emotionally Healthy Home

Use this free download to help reinforce creating habits that establish a healthy environment for you and your daughter’s emotions. 

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