Mothers Raising Daughters Group

Mothers Raising Daughters Group Membership

Raising daughters is a special job – and some days wouldn’t it be great if you could hear from other moms or even share your current challenge with a supportive community?

Join mom of three and emotion coach, Tracy Thibodeau, every Wednesday from 8:30p CST to 9:30p CST as she hosts a discussion around the ins and outs of raising girls. We’ll talk it about it all – girl aggression, the attitude, navigating the right amount of space, body image, nothing is off limits.

Using the free online easy-to-use application – Zoom – we connect on video conference from anywhere – dance class, hockey, bed with a glass of wine… all you need is a device and access to the internet.

Your annual subscription includes:

  • Access to live calls facilitated by Tracy Thibodeau, PMP, CCP
  • Resources to help you be the best mom you can be
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group

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But I’m so Busy…

I hear you! That’s why it’s been made as easy as possible – you can connect from anywhere, you are under no obligation to go if you can’t and I’ll be there every Wednesday no matter what.

What if you (Tracy) can’t make it?

Girls Changing the World is a community and I’m excited for the weeks when we’ll have special guest facilitators! Some Wednesdays are missed (like during the holidays), but new videos will be posted during those times so you can grab them for more ideas!

What if I can’t come to a Call?

It’s unrealistic to think anyone can be available every week at the same time. Come when you can.  Don’t ever feel guilty if you can’t make it. Moms do NOT need another reason to feel guilty. I would love to see this one hour as a priority for moms to show up for each other and for themselves, but life happens and we can’t let that be a drag.

How do I  access the calls?

After you register, you’ll be sent an email link with the meeting link in it. You can download the Zoom app on your phone if you want to be ahead of the game.

What if I want to talk about something specific?

If you’ve had a rough week and there is something that you want to chat about, sometimes the call can accommodate it. If not, there is a Private Facebook Group for all members and you can chat with this community any time.

Why a Mom’s Group for Raising Daughters?

I started doing it early on. When something was happening between the girls in the community, I talked with the moms. We shared stories, perspectives and developed a plan together. When you are intentionally working on being the best person you can be you are naturally going to be the best mom you can be. When moms work together to help each other, we become the best community for our girls to grow up in.  They deserve it and us moms deserve it to.

And it’s only $7.99/month?

This is the introductory pricing.  The pricing is set to be accessible and to allow to offset costs of the technology and the program.  Cost should not prevent you from joining, contact me about payment options if that’s one of the reasons you wouldn’t become part of the Mothers Raising Daughters group.

When does it start?

Our first call – our Launch Call starts on Nov 21st and all attendees will automatically receive my Tips to Talk to Your Daughter worksheet I’ll be sharing a break-down story and what I saw in my daughter’s when they saw me lose my shit.

So how does it work again?

Register online.

Receive the confirmation email with the Zoom link in it.

Click the Download the Calendar invite and save it.

On the day of the call click on the link and join the call from any device connected to the Internet.


What if I want to Cancel?

Cancel anytime! If you don’t think you’re getting $8 worth of value out of your monthly membership, I totally agree you should spend your money elsewhere!

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